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Thrillville USA

8372 Enchanted Way SE

Turner, OR 97392

(503) 363-4095

Thrillville USA is located in Turner, OR, right next door to the Enchanted Forest, 5 miles south of Salem.  Take I-5 Exit 248 to the eastern side of the freeway.

Thrillville is a traditional park in every sense of the word.  Guests get into the park for free and then pay only for the rides they want to find.  You can also buy a P.O.P. that lets you ride all you want.  You won't find theming or costumed characters running around.   What you will find is a wide variety of amusment rides in the middle of the field.   The park specializes in "extreme rides".   These include the sky coaster and the new SCAD tower.  The SCAD tower takes brave riders to the top of a tower and lets them take a pure freefall with "nothing but net" below them.  The extreme rides are often on tour to state fairs and the like, so if you are going to the park for one of these, you might want to call first and make sure it is there.  The park also offers mini golf and water slides along with the 2 coasters and a good variety of spinning rides.  The park is located right next door to the Enchanted Forest, and along with the Enchanted Forest can offer a full day of fun.



The Ripper is the park's major coaster.   It is a fun little ride with 8 single cars ripping around the track through highly banked turns.  It was built by world famous designer Anton Swarzkopf and opened at Thrillville in 1993.  While the top speed of the ride isn't that high, it sure seems like it flying around those turns.
Bubba was just tall enough to ride the Ripper.  He loved it.

The Rock-O-Plane is like the love child of a Ferris Wheel and the Zipper.  It's a great ride if you don't mind having all of the blood in your entire body rush repeatedly into your head.  I enjoyed the ride, but I still have a headache 3 months later.
One of the best rides for pure fun is the bumper boats.  The boats are equipped with squirt guns and riders are guaranteed to get wet (more so than most log flume rides).  We spent about an hour on this ride during Memorial Day weekend.
Thrillville is full of classic amusement rides including a rare Octopus with only 1 car on each arm.  That's my aunt Lynnette riding with Bubba and Jasmine.
This is a cute little whale ride.   Micah rode it about 5 times in a row.  The whales go up and down as they spin around.
A shot of the park from the freeway.
Of course, no good park is complete without a kiddie coaster.  Thrillville has the Lil' Ripper, built by Ben Schiff.   It is a fun ride and a good starter coaster for the younguns.

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The park also has a cute little train ride that goes back into the woods a little ways.